Camp Reflection!


The funniest thing was Jasmine had pink zinc and got 2 line under their eyes. we put a mustache on the boy’s face and the girls

The best part was the flying fox, which was very fun because the flying fox was very high off the ground and you could have a partner do it with you. My partner was Jenny.


The hardest part was bushcraft because we had to make a house out of sticks and we had to fill the holes so water can’t go throw.

something I have learnt was how to roast marshmallows propolly and I also learnt how to put harnesses on.

someone I got to know better was Natalia I learnt that she likes coalsalore.

Term 3 Inquiry Reflection

What have I learnt about People

  • Catherine Helen Spence was the first woman politician for South Australia
  • I learnt that Catherine Helen Spence’s middle name was named after her Mum
  • Catherine Helen Spence’s Mum’s name is Helen nee Brodie

What have I learnt about Places

  • The Queen Victoria Market has been around for 130 years


  • I learnt that at one stage Women were not allowed to vote
  • I learnt that at one stage Aboriginals were not allowed to vote
  • I learnt a lot about Parliament and how they make up new rules and they have to do a debate to make the rules 
  • The Parliament House  is 160 years old

My Sports Article

Ava  Mantzaris
Ava’s Active News


Australia VS Zimbabwe


Who Won?

I watched the soccer and the teams that were playing were the  Australian women VS the Zimbabwean Women. In the very first minute Lisa De Vanna scored the first goal for Australia. She has played in 2 olympic games.

In the 90th minute Zimbabwe shot their first goal. Both of the teams played very well, but there were a lot of injuries, such as when Zimbabwe’s goalkeeper fell down while trying to save a goal so she had to go off the field on a stretcher.

The end scores were 6 for Australia and 1 for Zimbabwe.

My Picture story book

A few Weeks ago the seniors started making Picture story books for there buddy/buddy’s. My story was called Grace is too Busy  My Buddy really liked my story because the girl in the story got fairy dust because she went to sleep and my buddy likes fairy’s.

Week 6: Our Food and Culture

For week 6 Blogging challenge I have to write about a popular food or clothing in Australia and i’m going to write about Lamingtons, Meat pies and Vegemite.

Lamingtons are a cubed shaped dessert. Lamingtons are a little vanilla cake with a thin layer of chocolate cake and coconut shreds covered over it. Lamingtons were designed by Armand Galland the french chef to Lord Lamington who was the governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901.

Meat Pies are made from pastry with sliced meat inside. Meat pies are usually a takeaway food snack but you can still make your own. Historians believe that Greeks actually made pie pastry.

Vegemite is a Australian Spread that kids and Adults like to eat with bread and also kids like to eat Vegemite for lunch at school. Dr. Callister was the person to make the first Vegemite spread.

Should We have PE lessons everyday?

Today at school I had to write my opinion about if we should have PE lessons everyday and this is my argument.


I think that we should not have a PE lesson everyday because we will get too tired and for so many other reasons.


If we had PE lessons everyday other Kids might not be that sporty and they might not want to do sport everyday. Think about other people’s feelings and also other kids might be mean to the kids that are not that good at sport and that means that they will get teased everyday.


Also, you cant expect the weather to be good everyday, sometimes the weather might be raining or even Thunder storming and Kids don’t want to play sport in bad weather.

At my school you have to wear your other uniform which is not your sport uniform most days of the week. Most kids don’t want to be playing sport in uncomfortable shoes and in the dresses for girls.

Doing sport everyday can also interrupt our school time so that’s my I think that we should not do PE everyday.

My Term reflection

This term I learnt a lot. I learnt more about the body systems and also more about refugees with Daisy, I also learnt more about what happens in Syria from other people in my class. I also got Sports leader this year and I have a prep buddy called Grace.

Overall I had a great Term 1