Cute little kittens

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Hello everyone this weeks student blogging challenge is Animals so i’m talking about kittens.

Kittens are very cute. My opinion is that kittens are really good to have as a pet because you don’t have to train them to do anything and you don’t have to wash them 🙂 Its good to have a cat or kitten if you are not really active and don’t want to do stuff for your pet because cats do it there self and that is a good thing I think so if you are thinking of getting a pet get a cat. 🙂

Also my image is from google images Bye

My plan around the world

If I could travel around the world i would go to

United states of America,Paris and Africa 82ea7e91cbd54b3e2b3e921c4dc4bef9_large.jpeg (2560×1600)

Who i would travel with I would travel with a plane to Paris,united states of America and Africa

plane-600x337.png (600×337)

What I would Pack,I would Pack Clothes,Socks,shoes and my toothbrush and toothpaste

This is the mapMAPS-INTERNATIONAL-WORLD-20M-mid.jpg (480×293)

Paris $1,387

United states of america $1,321

Africa $1,312

My budget:$3,1020