3 things I did on my holiday

the three things I did on my holiday was

  1. I went to my dads work for 4 days
  2. I went to my Friend Lauren’s house
  3. I bought a new jumper

when I went to my dads work I had to wake up at 6:00 or sometimes 6:30 because it was in the city and I had to get there by train as you already know I went there for 4 days and I had a lot of fun because I have 4 friends there called Ruya,Kayla,Chloe and Chelsea.

When I went to my Friends house Lauren we mad up a play that had the song bad blood to the play and in the play I was a Cat into a Hawaiian it was really fun and we ate strawberrys,cheese and bacon rolls and donuts that I bought and a jelly cup that Lauren’s mum bought.

When I bought my new jumper I actually bought 2 one was a hoodie and the other one is just one that you could wear at restraints the hoodie one was grey,pink,blue and purple and the other jumper was just white with pink stripes on it my favourite one was the hoodie one.


One thought on “3 things I did on my holiday

  1. Hi Ava,
    I stayed at my Dad’s work for 6 days and I went Lauren’s house too, we saw Inside Out together, that was the second time seeing it, but it was still really good.

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