Simpsons desert

Simpsons Desert is my favourite desert because when I was in grade 4 i did a project about Simpsons Desert and now i will tell you 3 things about Simpsons Desert

  1. Where is Simpsons Desert:

Simpsons Desert is in Queens Land

2.   What is it’s area

Its are is 176,500 km2

3.    Who visited Simpsons Desert first

in 1880 Augustus Poepple First visited Simpsons Desert


Polar Bears

polar bearThis is my Polar Bear that I drew and this is the picture of the polar bear I drew 

This is my story about Polar Bears

There are some polar Bears in the antarctic that are in danged by global warming and green house gasses and I will tell you why the polar bears are endangered and I will also tell you about the sea Ice.

In Antarctica There are a lot of sea ice it gets bigger every year but in 2007 Antarctica had the lest most of sea ice that they have seen in 1000 years and now I will be talking about the polar Bears and what they eat and about global warming. Well polar bears eat seals, they eta only 2 types of seals which are ring seals and ice seals. Polar bears can smell ice seals from miles away. Now I will talk about global warming . Global warming is bad for the polar bears because the ice can melt and the polar bears because the ice can melt and the polar bears can die because polar bears cant live on land.