Review Of my School Concert

My School Concert was Last Thursday And My class had the Theme Rapunzel,

My class had Two Songs,

  1. Shut Up and Dance By Walk the Moon
  2. Ring Ring By Abba

The Girls Had to wear a Dark Blue Dress and The Boys Had to wear a White Shirt and Black Pants And a Blue Vest For Both of the Songs.

Then All of the seniors had a Seniors Dance to Single Lady’s.

It was Fun.

We had the Song Shut up and Dance because Rapunzel Said Just Get up and Dance with me because they were going to a Ball.

We had the Song Ring Ring Because Rapunzel’s Prince Gave her a Call And Rapunzel Said I wish my Prince will Just give me a Call.

This is when The Whole school is Practicing

This is My class Doing our Dance Ring Ring

And This is All the Single Lady’s Dance