Should We have PE lessons everyday?

Today at school I had to write my opinion about if we should have PE lessons everyday and this is my argument.


I think that we should not have a PE lesson everyday because we will get too tired and for so many other reasons.


If we had PE lessons everyday other Kids might not be that sporty and they might not want to do sport everyday. Think about other people’s feelings and also other kids might be mean to the kids that are not that good at sport and that means that they will get teased everyday.


Also, you cant expect the weather to be good everyday, sometimes the weather might be raining or even Thunder storming and Kids don’t want to play sport in bad weather.

At my school you have to wear your other uniform which is not your sport uniform most days of the week. Most kids don’t want to be playing sport in uncomfortable shoes and in the dresses for girls.

Doing sport everyday can also interrupt our school time so that’s my I think that we should not do PE everyday.