Week 6: Our Food and Culture

For week 6 Blogging challenge I have to write about a popular food or clothing in Australia and i’m going to write about Lamingtons, Meat pies and Vegemite.

Lamingtons are a cubed shaped dessert. Lamingtons are a little vanilla cake with a thin layer of chocolate cake and coconut shreds covered over it. Lamingtons were designed by Armand Galland the french chef to Lord Lamington who was the governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901.

Meat Pies are made from pastry with sliced meat inside. Meat pies are usually a takeaway food snack but you can still make your own. Historians believe that Greeks actually made pie pastry.

Vegemite is a Australian Spread that kids and Adults like to eat with bread and also kids like to eat Vegemite for lunch at school. Dr. Callister was the person to make the first Vegemite spread.