My Buddy, Grace

My buddy is Grace,

Her Favourite colours are Purple, Red, Blue, Pink, green and orange

Her Favourite Animals are Cat, Bear, Dog, Bat, Penguin and a Dog

Her Favourite Foods are Chocolate, Watermelon, Grape, Tuna and Pasta

Her Favourite Drink is coke and Lemonade

Her Favourite number is 6 and 7



The Zika Virus

Today at school I had to write a opinion piece on my blog about the Zika virus this is what I thought.

Why are people scared of the Zika virus when no one has died from it? The Zika virus was first found in 1947 in the Zika forest on a Monkey. The Zika virus hasn’t killed anyone but just in case you get the Zika virus don’t travel because it might spread and If you have the Zika virus and you have a baby your baby might get a small head and smaller brain.

Don’t worry the Zika virus isn’t that bad.

Facts about the human Heart

Facts about the human Heart:

Did you know your heart is the most important part in your body. It keeps you alive and beats all the time. Your heart started working before you were born, and it will still carry on working every day of your life.

Did you know Exercise helps to keep your heart strong and healthy

Your heart is between your lungs, on the left side of your chest and your heart is protected by your ribcage

About Me

Hello My name is Ava and I am going to tell you what I like and about myself

I have light Brown eyes and Dark Brown hair

I like the Colour Blue

I have a few favourite foods so I will tell them all 1. Oreos 2. cookies and cream ice cream 3. honey and soy chicken

I play Netball and Netball also is my favourite sport

I have 1 sister and 1 brother

I have a cat he is a boy and his name is Squiggles. In human age he is turning 6


2016 Holidays

This 2016 holidays I went to Queensland , I stayed there for a week and me and my family flew there. We stayed at Sunshine coast and the hotel that we stayed at was called Peppers. Our hotel had a lap pool and a normal pool with a spa. My family and I ‘went in the pool everyday except for one day we watched a scary movie called Goosebumps. I watched it in 3D, it was a really good movie because it actually wasn’t that scary. It was about a boy that moved to Georgia in America and his next door neighbour was Jack Black and one day the boy opened a book that was locked that had monsters inside.
When I went to Queensland I got two things:



that people spray painted my name. When I came back from Queensland I was really hungry because it was past Lunch time and I didn’t have Lunch.  


Review Of my School Concert

My School Concert was Last Thursday And My class had the Theme Rapunzel,

My class had Two Songs,

  1. Shut Up and Dance By Walk the Moon
  2. Ring Ring By Abba

The Girls Had to wear a Dark Blue Dress and The Boys Had to wear a White Shirt and Black Pants And a Blue Vest For Both of the Songs.

Then All of the seniors had a Seniors Dance to Single Lady’s.

It was Fun.

We had the Song Shut up and Dance because Rapunzel Said Just Get up and Dance with me because they were going to a Ball.

We had the Song Ring Ring Because Rapunzel’s Prince Gave her a Call And Rapunzel Said I wish my Prince will Just give me a Call.

This is when The Whole school is Practicing

This is My class Doing our Dance Ring Ring

And This is All the Single Lady’s Dance

Simpsons desert

Simpsons Desert is my favourite desert because when I was in grade 4 i did a project about Simpsons Desert and now i will tell you 3 things about Simpsons Desert

  1. Where is Simpsons Desert:

Simpsons Desert is in Queens Land

2.   What is it’s area

Its are is 176,500 km2

3.    Who visited Simpsons Desert first

in 1880 Augustus Poepple First visited Simpsons Desert


Polar Bears

polar bearThis is my Polar Bear that I drew and this is the picture of the polar bear I drew 

This is my story about Polar Bears

There are some polar Bears in the antarctic that are in danged by global warming and green house gasses and I will tell you why the polar bears are endangered and I will also tell you about the sea Ice.

In Antarctica There are a lot of sea ice it gets bigger every year but in 2007 Antarctica had the lest most of sea ice that they have seen in 1000 years and now I will be talking about the polar Bears and what they eat and about global warming. Well polar bears eat seals, they eta only 2 types of seals which are ring seals and ice seals. Polar bears can smell ice seals from miles away. Now I will talk about global warming . Global warming is bad for the polar bears because the ice can melt and the polar bears because the ice can melt and the polar bears can die because polar bears cant live on land.


Maths This Term

This term for maths I have been learning about Bodmas and Algebra

Bodmas is Long sums these are 3 Bodmas sums

  •  2+5×5-6=29
  • 9×2-11+3=10
  • 7+2×5-1=16

Now I will show you examples of Algebra

  • 25×5 x=5
  • 18×9 x=2
  • 12×4 x=3

Mulga Bills Bicycle

This story is inspired by Banjo Paterson

This is a poem I made about the story Mulga Bills Bicycle

Bicycle wheels spin

Bicycle wheels go fast

Bicycle wheels go slow

and Mulga Bill rides his Bicycle at a show